With over 15 years of experience with technology, I’ve accomplished many great contributions in this world. The list below is just a sampling of the wonderful things I can do for your company.


  • Taught internal class on Sun’s debugger to our software engineering team while working at Raytheon.
  • Spoke at many social media presentations to small businesses as well as to CHFA at their  Denver office.
  • I’m a co-host on KAFM 88.1 twice a month for “The Tech Guys” show.

Linux Administration

  • I have used and embraced Linux daily for nearly 20 years.
  • Remote administration of Apache servers via key based SSH
  • I have separate test and staging areas set up for my WordPress sites in a Subversion repository.
  • Confident with key DNS records ( A, MX, NS, CNAME )
  • Familiar with Amazon Web Services key products ( EC2, Route53, S3 and CloudFront )
  • I have located and repaired corrupt MySQL databases for WordPress blogs.
  • I automate daily tasks with shell scripts and cron
  • Installed and configured a Postfix mail server with virtual domains on an Amazon micro instance
  • Setup, configured and transferred several WordPress sites from a managed VPS using Apache, to an unmanaged server using Varnish, Nginx and APC

Misc Programming

  • I create isochronic brainwave entrainment tones in MP3 and WAV formats, using the libsnd toolkit in C.
  • Rewrote a C++ build system using the expat XML parsing library to reduce rebuild times and create a better dependency tracking system.
  • Created a prototype project to integrate Lua, C and Sqlite into one framework.
  • Converted language files from Lexx and Yacc to the open source Flex and Bison.
  • I Upgraded and maintained an internal equation processing language to be more flexible, handle more use cases, and recapture lost requirements.
  • Identified, implemented, tested and integrated a key leap second problem that affected the entire satellite program I was working on.

Financial Programming

  • I’ve created custom trading indicators for stock brokers and traders
  • I’ve connected TradeStation’s EasyLanguage and C++ together to create power trading indicators for traders
  • Partnered with NinjaTrader as a preferred solutions provider for custom indicators
  • Developed a website in C++ that computed and displayed the correlations of trading pairs for pairs traders.
  • Started a project to chart stock prices with indicators using the wxWidgets framework

Web Programming / WordPress

  • Proficient user of Firebug extension to debug web pages.
  • Solid understanding of CSS and HTML
  • Create responsive WordPress themes and websites by integrating PHP and CSS frameworks together.
  • Wrote a PHP WordPress plugin to A/B split test posts to find which one converts better.
  • Create web forms written in C++, and integrate them into existing frameworks.
  • Created an entire article directory website in C++
  • Created a URL shortener in C++ titled “Stealth Links”, with URL redirection and click tracking
  • Wrote a pre-processor C++ framework that integrates HTML templates with the power of C++ programming.
  • Created simple Ruby on Rails web project for real estate site.
  • Integrated PayPal API into a CForms WordPress contact form, with several options and features, such as down payment to not exceed PayPal’s transaction amount threshold.
  • Fix hacked WordPress blogs in emergency and after hours situations.
  • Fix WordPress’s admin “white screen” for clients


  • Used defect tracking software to manage and track software projects.
  • Used ClearCase for versioning with iterative workflow on our satellite project
  • Used STL templates extensively for portability and speed up development time.
  • Our system was highly multi-threaded, with more than 100 threads running at any given time.
  • Used Orbix and RW CORBA for interprocess communication.
  • Took ownership of our equation processing system.
  • Became the goto guy for complex debugging issues.