My Favorite Book

Harper Collins Mathematics Dictionary

Yes, this is a math dictionary.  And yes, it’s my favorite book.

OK, this may sound a bit strange to some, quite normal to others, and hopefully intriguing to a few others

So it started out in college, while I was working on my computer science degree.  I had a few extra curricular credits to use up, so decided to minor in math as well.  It only makes sense because computer science is so math heavy anyhow, that a few extra classes are good on the resume, and a good dose of Alzheimer’s prevention.

What I didn’t know is that along the way, I’d have things thrown at me that were completely over my head, and so I did the most embarrassing thing in my life – I got a math dictionary.

And it turned out to be the best $19 investment ever.

My classmates were always borrowing my book because they had questions too, that were easily, and precisely answered.  I can honestly say that this book saved my GPA.

So I then moved on to Raytheon, where I was a software engineer programming satellites, and we were using math that was never taught in school!!  So yet again, my math dictionary came to the rescue.  And I’d have colleagues come from all over campus, just to borrow my book.

Sure they could have gone out and gotten there own, but geeks need some social time too, so it was a good excuse to drop by and say hi!

Now I use it as a reference for my high school son, to show him what the teacher is talking about, to reinforce points, and to double check definitions that he doesn’t have handy.

And as my other children grow up, they too will benefit from this handy little book.

I know, a math dictionary isn’t for everyone, but it’s been a handy resource, and a social talking piece as well.

What can I say, I’m unique – just like everyone else.

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