With 15 years experience as a software engineer, I’m actively pursuing new experiences with a company that has a long term future and has need for a broad set of skills like mine.

My previous experiences with ground station satellite systems for a defense contractor could benefit your company greatly because of the focus on security, working in teams across different disciplines and projects driven by processes like Six Sigma and CMMI.

I have subject matter experiences in a variety of industries, including finance/trading, oil/gas, aerospace and blogging.

If after reading my resume, skills and my chronological story about me, I would love to have a telephone interview to gauge if we are a good fit together, before considering relocation.

Thank you for your time,


Matt Kettlewell

PS – I’m also a co-host on a bi-monthly radio show called “The Tech Guys” on our local community radio station, KAFM 88.1 Feel free to listen in at http://kafmradio.org