More Owl Noises

One of the most amazing things I enjoy about our move to Austin, Texas are some of the new animals and their noises that we encounter on a nearly continual basis.

And tonight didn’t disappoint. As I was sitting home working on a project, I heard an owl hooting outside. It was loud enough to break my concentration, so I grabbed my phone, and got my recording app ( Voice Record ) ready to record.

I went outside, and recorded 4 minutes worth of owls hooting. At first it was just one, but as I walked across the street to the tree it was perched in, you can clearly hear more than one owl hooting. They would pause very predictably and hoot again.

I recorded about 4 minutes worth, but they continued for quite a while there after, and even heard them as I was typing this up, about an hour later.

I’m not an owl expert, so I’m not sure of what owl it is for sure, but there are many owls in Texas, so it could be one of several. I know that it’s not a screech owl, because the screech owl makes a very distinctive horse noise that I captured in a post a few weeks ago.

Regardless, I hope you enjoy the sounds of beauty.

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