Neighborhood “Screech” Identified and Recorded

As many of you may remember, I used to live in a neighborhood in Colorado with peacocks roaming around from an old farmhouse.

These peacocks have a scary sounding noise at 3am that sounds like a woman getting murdered, and is the most terrifying method of waking up I can imagine. I never did figure out how to sleep through it, I just adjusted my sleep schedule to never sleep.

So when my wife and I heard a strange noise here in Texas ( our first thoughts were children being accosted ), we were a bit unnerved. I searched the house, went out front, went out back, and all was silent. The AC had just turned off, so we thought maybe we were hearing some harmonic coming from the motor.

All was good until… I heard it at 3am, but this time, I heard it clearly ( because there were no other noises in the house ), and I knew for sure what it was

Have a listen:

If you’ve never heard this before, you’d never believe me that it’s a Screech Owl... and in this recording, you can hear several of them talking back and forth.

I can identify that one of them was in our tree right outside the door, and the other I think was in the neighbors tree.

Yes, it sounds like we’re on a horse farm, but that’s the tell-tale sign of a Screech Owl, and I feel fortunate that I they gave me 30 seconds of their time to record it before they flew off into the distance.

Enjoy the sounds 🙂

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