Professional Interests

Having acquired many experiences in life, I have found things I’m good at, things I enjoy, and things that I still want to explore.  The paragraphs below should help you understand more about what I’m interested in, especially when considering me for professional opportunities, to make sure that we are a good match.


Graduate School

Academia has always been an interest of mine, and seeking further education to obtain my masters or doctorate degrees would be of interest to me.  A juris doctorate degree was a consideration for many years, and work on a legal team pursuing software intellectual property claims.  An MBA is also of interest, and use it as part of a team that develops successful business plans and strategies.  I’ve also had the notion of obtaining my PhD in finance, and analyze the stock markets and give advice to portfolio managers.  Schooling and education is very important in my future, as intellect is what bonds good things together.

Financial Trading Indicators

During my time as a freelancer, I had the opportunity to help fellow traders build trading indicators and systems in both the NinjaTrader and TradeStation software platforms. I enjoy building indicators, and using my math skills to compile and analyze complex systems in the stock market, forex and options markets. I used to analyze stocks as a hobby, and even considered obtaining my series 7 to become a stock broker at one point.

I even wrote a C++ app for pairs traders that would take thousands of stocks historical data each night, and compile a list of correlated pairs for traders to use in pairs trading strategies.

Scientific Applications

Having spent five years on a satellite program for Raytheon, I have a considerable amount of professional knowledge and interest in astronomical applications.  In high school, my early interests were in chemistry and physics, and I still hold those interests today.  I would very much enjoy adding meteorological expertise to my repertoire as weather patterns, like hurricanes and tornadoes have always intrigued me.

Geologic Applications

I’ve been out rock-hounding personally as a hobby for most of my life, gathering up whatever rocks or gems I find along a trail.  And living in Colorado, we have the Colorado Mineral Belt, which is where the Gold Rush of Colorado was founded, and we have a lot of gold, silver, uranium and precious gems.  We also have one of only 2 diamond mines in the country.  I’ve also been exposed to oil, gas and coal formations as I put myself through college working on drilling rigs that explored this precious resources.

High Performance Systems

Having worked on satellite software, I found that optimizing systems was a fun and intriguing game of skill and persuasion.  High performance systems can reside in terms of more throughput, less memory, less CPU, more functionality, or any optimizing combination thereof.  I enjoy the thought of doing things that are not straightforward, and require some “out of the box” thinking for projects that are ahead of their time.

Preferred Technologies

Over the years, I’ve used a wide variety of hardware and software solutions to solve a variety of problems.  And through those experiences, I’ve come to certain conclusions of what I like best, and what I like least.

I have the most experience and joy working with C/C++ in a Unix / Linux environment, with a variety of shell scripting languages and the Lua scripting language that ties C code to scripts.

Though I’ve worked on the Windows platform, and programmed in .NET, Java and PHP environments, I find them to be less satisfying personally and professionally for me to accomplish the tasks and projects I work on.

With that said, I will always work with the technology needed for the task at hand.