I’m a mid-level C/C++ Linux programmer, looking to re-establish myself within the software development community


Straight out of college, I was employed by defense contractor Raytheon, where I worked on a ground station satellite system, as a software engineer to design, implement, test and debug the system according to specification, and in accordance with Six Sigma and CMMI-3 processes. While there I was a mentor, problem solver and part of a highly motivated and dedicated team.

My most recent position as a Linux Systems Administrator with Rackspace has strengthened my tech skills further, but from an operational perspective.

Seven years of freelancing also strengthened my tech skills, but more importantly taught me to view things as a project manager, and take things like resources, time and money into the equation, above and beyond just the design.

As a Linux user and advocate for nearly 20 years, I’ve used a variety of languages and  tools to solve a multitude problems.

  • Working knowledge of git / subversion for software versioning
  • Knowledgable of multiple programming frameworks to accomplish different tasks.
  • Worked in highly multi-threaded environments (100+ threads ).
  • Took ownership of our equation processing system, and ultimately rewrote the system in Flex / Bison to make sure we met 100% of our project requirements.
  • Developed a website in C++ that computed and displayed the correlations of trading pairs for pairs traders ( currently rewriting using Wt framework with MongoDB storage )
  • Identified, implemented, tested and integrated a key leap second problem that affected the entire satellite program I was working on.
  • Became the goto guy for complex interprocess, multi-threaded debugging issues.
  • Created a URL shortener in C++, with URL redirection and click tracking
  • I’ve connected TradeStation’s EasyLanguage and C++ together to create power trading indicators for traders
  • Created isochronic brainwave entrainment tones in MP3, AIFF and WAV formats, using the libsnd toolkit in C.
  • Wrote a pre-processor C++ framework that integrates HTML templates with the power and speed of C++ programming.
  • Familiar with CMMI-3, ISO and Six Sigma processes and methodologies.

Work Experience

Rackspace [ 2013-present] Linux Administrator

Rackspace is the OpenCloud company that specializes in managed hosting, and providing Fanatical Support to it’s customers. Our daily tasks involves prioritizing tickets to maximize uptime, investigate troubled systems, performing preventative maintenance, and making proactive recommendations of changes to maximize customer satisfaction and uptime.

While working at Rackspace Hosting, my primary duties were to answer incoming support phone calls and to  triage and prioritize tickets in our support queue. Our customers had complex, high availability configurations, affording little to no downtime without impact to their customers and visitors, so precision solutions from our team were critical to maintaining customer satisfaction

  • Received company award for earning 95% NPS score  — highest on our team
  • Took coursework on Gluster, Chef and RHCSA prep as part of continual education
  • Worked in a multi Linux distro environment ( Ubuntu, RHEL, CentOS, Debian )
  • MySQL backups and slave replication.
  • Web Server configurations ( Apache, Nginx )
  • Caching mechanisms / CDN for speed improvements, and reduced server load
  • Misc technologies ( NFS, Gluster, Unicorn, Tomcat, Coldfusion, Plesk, etc )
  • Horizontal scaling solutions with load balanced configurations
  • OpenStack API manipulations via CURL
  • Performance optimization and troubleshooting
  • Worked with other groups and teams to identify and solve a multitude of problems.
  • Identify and eliminate hacked sites
  • Configure sites with maximum security measures in mind ( firewall, logging, monitoring )
  • Networking diagnostics
  • Worked on an elite team that was trained and expected to handle a larger base of technology than other segments in our company
  • Minimally supervised and highly efficient team
  • Provided polite and professional phone support

Self-Employed [ 2006- 2013 ] Freelancer

During my 7 years of freelancing, I’ve handled both the business and technical ends of things, I set myself up as a WordPress expert that helps small businesses deliver solid web application solutions and cloud based strategies to improve their bottom line.

  • Intimate knowledge of WordPress
  • Theme & plugin development
  • Responsive / Mobile layouts
  • Educational advisor on WordPress and acceptable hosting solutions.

Raytheon [ 2001-2006 ] Software Engineer

My primary role was to implement, debug, test and deliver software associated with a satellite ground station.  Part of the problem/solution process involved recommending a solution to teammates, and ultimately to a review board, as well as comprehensive testing and verification of the solution.

One of my major accomplishments was to head up a rewrite of our downstream telemetry equation processing library to address some failing specifications that were going to cost the contract millions of dollars.

I was continually sought out by team members for my debugging skills and ability to identify breaks in very complex code, often under very strict time lines.

Our project ran on Solaris Unix machines, was written primarily in C++, and was versioned with ClearCase.  We used Six Sigma for process, and were a CMMI-3 certified project.

RuralNet [ 1998-2001 ] Lead Tech Support / JuniorSystems Administrator

RuralNet was a 56k dialup ISP in Grand Junction, CO with over 20,000 customers in about 20 different cities. My job was to make sure that customers were happy, that all technical support issues were satisfactorily resolved, and provided tier one server support.  This was my first exposure to high speed transmission lines, like T1 and T3, before broadband was available to the home.


Colorado Mesa University (Dec. 2000)

BS Computer Science ( Mathematics Minor )

Skills Overview

Over the years I’ve accumulated many skills that have helped me to think outside the box and provide technical solutions that could only be done by combining my diverse skills.

I’ve used several varieties of Linux, Unix and Windows operating systems, in both client and server configurations.

My most proficient programming languages are C/C++, PHP, and Shell Scripting.  I’ve also used to a lesser degree over 20 other languages to finish projects.

I am familiar with TCP/IP and HTTP protocols for data communication and remotely accessing machines, as well as a variety of other advanced protocols, tools and systems.

I was a co-host on KAFM 88.1 twice a month for the “Tech Guys” show for our local community radio station in Grand Junction, CO