Technical Skills

The sortable table below is a summary of nearly 20 years of experience. I’ve tried not to list to many “basic” skills that every computer scientist should have, but if I feel it helps to clarify, I have added a row to be sure.  Some skills can be used in more than one way, and may reflect how I rate myself with that skill.

An example is XML.  I can read and understand XML at a 10 (expert) level, but programming it through a library like expat or libxml I would rate myself lower because I lack expertise in that portion of the skill.  This scenario is true of most skills, so please ask specifics on how the skill is to be used so I can rate myself appropriately for the proper usage of said skill.

Code Debugging10+10
Mentoring & Tutoring10+9
Data Analysis10+9
Linux Administration10+8
Speaking & Presenting10+8
Web Technologies10+8
Scripting Languages (jQuery,javascript,lua,PHP,bash,ksh,etc)10+8
Secure Protocols ( SFTP, SSH, SCP, etc )10+8
Windows (XP,Vista,7)10+7
Financial Indicators (Tradestation & NinjaTrader)36
UNIX ( Solaris )56
SQL (Oracle,MySQL,sqlite )10+6
Versioning ( Clearcase & Subversion )106
Windows Administration25
CMMI-3 55
Six Sigma Process55

Communication Skills

  • I am an effective and  enthusiastic  presenter.  I have presented to small teams on technical topics such as debugging tools, and to larger audiences on a wide array of topics including Internet marketing, web design, and business networking.
  • I write simply, clearly and concisely to effectively convey my solutions, plans and ideas.
  • I provide well thought out solutions to a variety of complex problems
  • I am one to diligently research, gather and disseminate essential information required by teams.

Interpersonal Skills

  • I work well with others in pairs, groups and teams, in the role of directee, mentor, supervisor and equal.
  • I appreciate the work of others, and openly recognize their contributions and the positive impact they provide for the team
  • I am well liked by others and get along with and adapt to a variety of different behavioral styles.

Research & Planning

  • I am an expert information gatherer and researcher
  • I’m known to develop reasonable strategies and solutions to a variety of problems
  • I can identify solutions to resources that may be required for special projects
  • I assess situations for need, urgency, resources and help fit them into the master plan.

Organizational Skills

  • I plan and arrange activities as required for personal and team activities.
  • I’m punctual and ready to move forward with projects, new and old.

Management Skills

  • I lead groups to make sure all voices are heard, projects stay on task, and that problems are dealt with.
  • I mentor junior members of teams to help them reach their full potentional and maximize their productivity on the team for the long haul.
  • I enforce the policies and procedures to ensure we are delivering a quality product.
  • I lead others by setting myself as an example for others to follow.

Major Achievements And Accomplishments

  • Rewriting an equation processing tool from the ground up, to meet the needs or new requirements that were presented that our current tool couldn’t do.  Had this project not been done properly or on time, would have cost the company several million dollars. This was a coordinated effort between teams, including our legal team, testing units, and several development teams that depended on this functionality.
  • Rewrote our time classes because of a deeply rooted problem with how we handled times in relation to leap seconds.This was functionallity that effected nearly the entire program, causing new baseline results to be established, and found and delivered early enough that there was no impact to delivery.
  • Was brought in on special assignment to SLC-6 ( Space Launch Complex 6 ) at Vandenburg AFB as extra support to network up a large facility with a mix of optical fiber and CAT-6 wiring.
  • Volunteer as a programmer for KAFM 88.1 FM ( )twice a month as a co-host on “The Tech Guys” show, where we talk about technology, gadgets, mobile devices, apps, computers, websites and more.
  • Delivered a seminar to CHFA ( Colorado Housing and Finance Authority ) in Denver on Internet marketing and social media strategies to property owners / managers on how to promote themselves and communicate with their renters and future renters across a wide array of scenarios..