Welcome Home, Tex!

Welcome To Texas

I got the most wonderful email this morning that said, Welcome Home, Tex!  OK, so it didn’t really call me Tex, but I really did recieve a “welcome home” email.

It’s an email I’ve been anticipating for the last few days, and was an invitation to move to Texas.

Not many knew that I had traveled to Austin, TX just before Thanksgiving for a quick interview, but I took a quick trip with a connecting flight through Dallas.

It wasn’t my first interview, but it is my last.  I took the job.

It was a fun trip to Austin, but it was cold. It was expected to snow when I landed in Dallas.  I never saw any snow in Texas, but they said that flights were cancelling because Dallas isn’t equipped to handle large amounts of plane de-icing.

I figured it was just a warm welcome for a Coloradoan… just wish they understood that I was really more interested in the warmth they had to offer.  🙂

The interview was interesting. It was a mixture of friendly and interrogatory at the same time. A lot of calculated questions and answers to vett each other to make sure I was a good fit for them and vice-versa.

The interview was split into two sessions. The first was with management, and was designed to make sure I had a good personality, and would be a good culture fit for the team. Ironically, this was the easy part of the interview, which is usually the really hard part for techies like myself.

The second part was the technical portion. There were four guys that had a series of tests and questions to make sure I would be able to handle things.  And oh boy did they grill me. I passed, but I sure was sweating bullets. They are a challenging group of individuals, and weren’t about to accept just anybody.  I had to prove myself.

So in the coming months and years, I will be writing here about my experiences with this new company, what I do for them, and what they do for businesses.

Oh, and the company that hired me?  Rackspace.

Don’t worry if you’ve not heard of them, I’ll fill you in over time on what they do 🙂  Just know that they are a great company, are growing by leaps and bounds, and will be taking great care of me.

So for all my Grand Junction friends, colleagues and clients, this is goodbye. I will miss you all dearly, and I’m thankful that the Internet exists, and all the apps and services like Facebook and email to keep us connected, even halfway across the country.

Be safe, and have fun.  I know I will.

PS – As I’m finishing up this article, it’s about to snow something fierce, and is likely the beginning of our cold inversion settling in.  I’ll write up a story about me traveling and snow storms in a future article, but just know that when I travel, the weather has always gotten really active.


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  1. I HAVE heard of rackspace! Trey Ratcliff uses rackspace for his website. If he’s not from Austin, (and I think he may be), he spent a great deal of time there. He did, however, move to Queensland, New Zealand. I follow him on many platforms. I am SO interested to hear your experiences there. Congratulations on your new gig Matthew. I know you’ll rock it!!

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